One of the most accessible ways to sample a country’s culture is through eating and drinking its authentic street food delicacies. On our trip to Malacca last November 2015, we stopped by to one of the best places to hunt and bargain antiques, The Jonker Walk. It is a long and narrow five hundred meter street located at the heart of Malacca.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, the street is closed for motor vehicles from 6 pm to midnight. During these hours, traders are lining along the pedestrian street and setting up stalls to sell and display products associated with or reflect the cultural colors, such as antique copper coins, local and ethnic traditional food, unique arts and crafts, souvenirs, ornamental jewelry, and even wooden clogs. It appears to be a living museum, lending in a cultured air of old-meets-new. It really is a must-see place for anyone visiting Malacca!


The streets of Jonker Walk


Scallops with Spicy Pepper Powder
Tea Leaves
Food trip with my blockada: Carlo, NJ, Niki, Cjay, Daphne, Manpreet and Dana!
Strawberry and Chocolate Yogurt Ice Cream

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