Writing about a city is one’s musing and one’s will. It is based on the one’s experiences, one’s threshold of familiarity and on one’s immersion into the foreign environment.

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is known for its exquisite architectures, rich history and the center of world in culture, food and art. It’s not my first time to visit this city but little did I know I found myself in some place different.Picture2.png

I don’t exaggerate when I say that I have fallen in love with Paris. To adopt a metaphor, this post is about a girl falling in love with a guy whose language she cannot speak, whose habits confuse her and whose actions are unfamiliar. This is about a girl being swept of her feet by a boy for the first time and then suddenly waking up realizing it is all over.

“The more lost you are, the more you find yourself.”

Picture7One of the things I love about traveling alone is the amusing tangle and discourse of human interaction. By dispatching yourself from your practices, habitué go-to-places and even social media, you get to discover your untapped abilities and broaden your understanding of the world. Just like a kid, everything about a foreign city excites you at first. As you explore the unfamiliar corners of every street, you learn the hot spots, the best places to be and even the sides to avoid. You go with the city life, live in the moment and just see where it takes you. Similar to when you take a new beau on a first date, you get to know more of his interests, hobbies, passion, every cranny of his existence and being. You get out of the usual and into the unfamiliar. Simply, your world collides with his.


From the initial interaction and discomfort that occurs at the beginning, to liking his idiosyncrasies and longing for his presence. Together with the lingering kisses and butterflies into the pit of her stomach, are her ease of knowing his habits, interests and even mannerisms. The beauty of this is in the unending truths. At some point, your boy will disappoint you. You will question your love. You will see their flaws but as you see them so perfect to you, you tend to see those flaws seamless too. It’s like walking around in a daze with blurred vision from utter happiness.

“All great things must come to an end.”


There is always something different to bring home with you every time you indulge in the sheer brilliance of a diverse terrain. It might leave you with all, loving what was and looking forward on will, or nothing, leaving you searching for a new place to start over. But that’s life as we know it; it moves fast and if you don’t stop at times, you could possibly miss the good things in life.

On the early hours of dawn, heat began pressing through the windows and onto her face. Slowly, her brain starts to wake up,  subsiding deep sleep. Hearing the birds chirping through the thin-glass windows, her eyes are slowly retrieving consciousness-unfolding reality as it gradually comes crashing back again.


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