Living in a two-seasoned country, I admittedly get excited whenever we go out of the country especially during the Holiday season. For last year, my family and I went to Korea. Revamping my wardrobe, searching for the cool, crisp fall-winter fashion pegs and preparing for the cold breezy weather that I not-so-often-experience made everything more exhilarating. However, as the temperature gone negative, dressing up became tricky as multiple layers became mandatory, and we started to run out of cute stylish outfits as the weather was too cold to deal. Here are 6 winter tips to help you dress justly and combat the cold.


1. Clothe in many thin warm layers. Start off with a base layer on which can provide warm, light base to your entire outfit. I suggest to buy brands that has Merino wool products and thermal material underneath as it will help insulate heat better. Heattech, a technology made by Uniqlo, has the moisture-wicking fabrics that retain the body’s natural heat production. It’s thin, lightweight and massively practical to dress when it’s really cold. Use plenty of thin, warm layers (both top and bottom) rather than a few thick layers. The thinner and warmer, the better. You don’t want to be like Baymax, don’t you?


2. Use a good quality outerwear. Generally speaking, the thicker the better for your outerwear, whether it is a synthetic ski jacket, coat, parka, a wool pea coat, or a down jacket. Lucky enough, even when we are living in a tropical country, some fall-winter clothes are available in stores. Some brands that carry these are Uniqlo, Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara, Marks and Spencer and H&M. Have some faux fur? Bring it out as it will give your outfit an instant upgrade!


3. Wear a pair of snow boots. Fashion isn’t the only thing important but also comfort. If you’re planning to go on a winter vacation, it’s best to invest on a pair of snow boots. Based on my experience, the use of inappropriate footwear can cause you to slip dozens of times especially if the ice begins to melt. Ideally, the lining should be wool or synthetic as it will help you to keep warm with way less layers of socks. However, if you’re planning to stick on cotton lining or no lining at all, use boots two sizes larger than usual, use warm winter socks and make sure the circulation isn’t shut down with it.


4. Wear gloves or mittens. Our fingers and hands are vulnerable to the cold. As we lose a significant amount of heat from our hands, our grip can be one for the first things that goes as the blood stops flowing smoothly. Wearing gloves can help and allow us to perform precise movements that are needed outdoors – like holding or taking selfies. Speaking of selfies, you can get touchscreen winter gloves now!

85. Proper skin care is a MUST. One thing is superbly learned from this trip is to never forget to use moisturizer and lip balm! Cold winter weather can be harsh to your skin. With the cold air, wind, and low humidity outdoors, your skin will dry out as it steals moisture from your skin. Without the proper skin care, dry skin can lead to redness, itchiness, chipping, and cracking.


6. Keep dry. Indulging and playing with the snow means keeping your outer layers waterproof or at least water-resistant because as you get out of the snow and get into a warmer zone, the snow will begin to melt and being wet will cause chill to set in more quickly than if you’re dry. For your footwear, don’t forget to coat it with some water-repellent spray!



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